WHAT A WEEKEND- Taking part in my first craft fair was such an amazing experience- I loved every minute of it!! Don't get me wrong, I was really nervous putting myself out there and presenting my work to a wider unknown audience, but the response was just fantastic and...



Seems a pretty fitting day to share my latest watercolour featuring Malala Yousafzai.

In a world where persistent inequalities in education cripple the lives of millions of women and girls, Malala took a stand, risking her life to make a d...



Three Little Birds : Community, Solidarity, Unity

Since waking up to the horrendous images of the Grenfell Tower tragedy I've been determined to reach out and offer my support in some way.

This is my visual representation of "Three Little Birds" by...


Draw what you feel...

When we could so easily be suffocated by fear and negativity we take a stand and form a solidarity like no other. 

For me this painting captures my definition of London; a city united:



Creativity : Wellbeing

Lately I've been reading some great studies about how creativity and mental wellbeing are interlinked; and what better time to share my thoughts than Mental Health Awareness Week...

I can honestly testify that engaging in creative activity improves...


...and in my case a few paintbrushes!

This time last year I was handing over my first commission, thinking 'yep, it'd be quite nice to make a go of this,,,and today I have been viewing art studios and potential workshop venues in some of the most creative little communi...


I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends who offer me so much encouragement and motivation on a daily basis!

They also seem to absolutely nail it when it comes to my birthday presents...this T-shirt is one of my faves!

Given to me by my awesome friend Ruth- it's...


For far too long I have worried about how I look, what people think, and what my aspirations say about me; but recently I seem to have had some sort of epiphany... 

I 100% believe that surrounding yourself with the doers, the believers, the thinkers...and most of a...


Merry Christmas you lovely lot! 

So excited to have worked on so many Christmas commissions this year- thank you so much for all the support- it has been incredible! Tomorrow is the big reveal....eek!

Have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to what the new year has...


New Painting: Same Passion

I am so blessed to have a hobby which I love, a hobby which can also bring joy to others as they give and receive their personalised paintings this Christmas. Each new painting I begin is approached with the same passion, determination and cre...

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